Our Journey

Welcome To The House Of H.S.P

Where Digital Fashion Meets Motorcycle.   

H.S.P has become known as one of the fastest expanding luxury and performance dismantling specialist in the U.K.

Our Design house was founded in 2007 Birmingham, GB & progressed into London, GB in early 2010. Shortly afterwards, our creative passion developed from solely Fashion & Graphic Design, into the automotive industry.

2007: The birth of our Design, Print & Engineering House. houseoflb.co

2010: Dismantling high-end Performance Cars for parts. hsperformancecars.com

2015: The success of dismantling Performance Vehicles for parts lead to our Supercar Enhancements program. hspsupercarcentre.com

2020: A gap in the market and highly requested, Our Superbike and ATV parts dismantling operation started. hspsuperbikecentre.com 


Our Registered Office
71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden 
United Kingdom